Once upon a time there lived a poor farmer named Yokeless. He lived in a small village near a forest. Yokeless was a humble and hardworking man who was always eager to help others.

One day, a terrible storm hit the village, destroying crops and homes. Everyone was devastated, but Yokeless remained calm. He was determined to help the villagers rebuild their homes and replant their destroyed crops. He bought tools with his meager savings and started to work.

Yokeless worked tirelessly day after day, building and repairing homes, as well as working in the fields. He worked long and hard during the day, but never complained. He was determined to help his village.

The villagers were so grateful for Yokeless’ help that they rewarded him with a yoke, so that he could carry goods and tools with ease. Yokeless was elated and thanked the villagers for their generosity.

But Yokeless realized that the villagers were still struggling. He wanted to do more to help, but he didn’t have the necessary resources. So, he came up with a plan.

He decided to sell his yoke and use the money to help the villagers purchase more seeds, build more homes and repair the ones that were already damaged. The villagers were so moved by Yokeless’ selflessness that they rewarded him with even more gifts – and more money.

Yokeless’ dedication to helping the villagers had paid off. He had helped them rebuild their homes and restore their crops, and he hadn’t even asked for anything in return.

This story teaches us an important lesson – that helping others is always worth our while. Not only can we make a difference in the lives of others, but we can also benefit from the rewards of doing so. We can learn a lot from Yokeless’ selfless act of kindness – and be inspired to do the same.

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