Once upon a time in a far away place there lived a little boy named Yarly. Every morning, Yarly would get up and head to school, happy to be learning new things each day.

One day, Yarly came home from school to find his mother in tears. His father had been laid off from his job and now his family had financial problems.

Yarly wanted to help, but he wasn’t sure how. He thought and thought, but he couldn’t come up with any ideas. Finally, he decided to ask his grandmother for help.

His grandmother had always been wise and kind, so he hoped she could help him with this dilemma. He gathered his courage and approached her, telling her about his family’s situation.

After listening carefully to Yarly, his grandmother had one piece of advice for him. She told him to think about the things he was good at, the things that brought him joy and the things that he didn’t mind putting in extra effort for.

Yarly thought about it and soon realized he was good at making things with his hands. He enjoyed making things from wood and metal. He also enjoyed fixing things around the house, like the leaky sink.

Yarly decided to put all of his energy into fixing and making things for people, in exchange for money or materials. He had a great idea and it wasn’t long before he had a steady stream of clients.

He was able to make enough money to help his family, since they had no other source of income. He worked hard, with determination and dedication, to make sure that his family was taken care of.

Yarly had used his skills and knowledge to make a difference in his family’s life. His determination and hard work had paid off.

The moral of the story is that you can always find a way to help if you use your skills, knowledge and determination. Never give up, and you will find the resources you need to make a difference.

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