Once upon a time, there was a small kingdom ruled by King Eric. King Eric had a four-year-old son named Tom. Tom loved exploring the kingdom and meeting new people. He was always happy when people from far away lands came to visit the kingdom.

One day, King Eric decided to throw a grand banquet to welcome people from all over the world. He announced that anyone who wanted to come and visit the kingdom would have a place of honor at the banquet.

Tom was overjoyed when he heard the news. He couldn’t wait to meet the visitors and show them around the kingdom. On the day of the banquet, Tom got dressed in his finest clothes and went to the palace.

When the visitors arrived, King Eric warmly welcomed them with open arms. He made sure that they were comfortable and had everything they needed. After the banquet, he invited them to stay in the palace and explore the kingdom.

Tom was overjoyed with the hospitality of King Eric and his guests. He spent the days taking them around the kingdom, introducing them to the locals, and showing them the sights. He was so proud to show off his kingdom to the world.

At the end of the trip, King Eric thanked the visitors for coming and welcomed them back any time. As they said their goodbyes, Tom realized the importance of showing hospitality and kindness to those who come from different places. He also realized that it is a sign of respect to make others feel like they belong.

Moral: Show hospitality and kindness to those who come from different places, as it is a sign of respect and makes others feel like they belong.

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