Once upon a time there were two ponds in a small village. One day, a young boy named William was walking home after school when he heard a strange sound coming from the second pond. As William walked closer he could see the pond was filled with beautiful little frogs. The frogs were hopping up and down and singing in a chorus.

William had never seen anything like it before and was amazed at the sight. He had never seen so many frogs singing in harmony. It was such a beautiful sight that William just stood there and watched in awe.

But then, out of nowhere, a big, dark cloud appeared and began to rain heavily. The poor little frogs looked scared as they tried to hide from the rain. William wanted to help them, but he didn’t know how.

Suddenly, an old man came walking by. He was wearing a straw hat and had a friendly face. The old man saw William standing there and asked him what the matter was.
William told the old man about the frogs and the old man smiled. He said to William that he could help the frogs by throwing a few stones in the pond to create little islands. That way, the frogs would have somewhere to take shelter from the rain.

William did exactly as the old man said, and soon enough the frogs were jumping from one little island to the next. William smiled as he watched them happily hopping around, safe from the rain.

Then the old man spoke up again. “Now,” he said, “if you want to make sure the frogs stay safe from the rain, you have to throw a wedding.” William wasn’t sure what he meant, but the old man explained.

He said that by throwing a wedding for the frogs, the whole village would join in and keep watch over the frogs. That way, no one would dare to disturb them or hurt them and they would be safe forever.

William thought it was a great idea and, with the help of the old man, started organizing a wedding for the frogs. He invited the whole village to attend, even the mayor. Everyone was really excited as they celebrated the wedding with music and dancing.

The mayor even made a speech, saying that he was really proud of William and thanked him for his kind gesture.

All the frogs were happy too, and stayed in the pond, safe from harm.

Moral: It pays to act kindly, even if it’s towards something as small as a group of frogs. Kindness and compassion can bring people together in a powerful way and can even save lives.

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