Once upon a time there was a small village in the deep green of the mountains. All the people in the village had a very close-knit relationship with one another and every morning they would come together to share news and enjoy each other’s company.

One day, a fierce storm rolled over the mountain and all the people in the village ran for cover. But one of the villagers, WeatherBoard, was too slow and was caught in the rain. As the storm raged on, WeatherBoard was soon drenched and started shivering uncontrollably from the cold.

Seeing this, the villagers rushed to help WeatherBoard. They quickly found a way to make a shelter out of some old weatherboards and sheets of tarpaulin that had been lying around the village for some time. They used these to make a makeshift roof for Weatherboard so he could stay dry.

The villagers banded together and worked hard to make sure Weatherboard stayed warm and comfortable, even in the middle of the storm. They even brought him some hot soup and blankets to keep him warm.

For days the storm continued and the villagers remained by WeatherBoard’s side, always making sure he was safe and warm. Eventually the storm subsided, and the villagers went back to their own homes.

WeatherBoard was so moved by the kindness of the villagers that he decided to stay in the village and make it his home. He was so thankful for the help they had given him that he started helping out in the village, building shelter and other things out of the weatherboards he had been given.

The people of the village were so impressed with WeatherBoard’s kind-heartedness and hard work that they all agreed to name him the village’s official builder. From then on, whenever a building needed to be built, WeatherBoard was consulted for advice.

WeatherBoard was so pleased with his new life in the village and repaid the kindness of the villagers by doing all he could to help them. He used his weatherboards and tarpaulin to build shelters and structures to protect them from the storms and strengthen the village.

The villagers were so grateful for WeatherBoard’s help and gave him the nickname “Weatherboard”. It was a reminder to the village of the kindness that WeatherBoard had shown by helping the people in their time of need.

Moral of the story: Kindness is always remembered and appreciated, and it often comes back to us in unexpected ways.

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