Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there lived a young boy named Wagwit. Wagwit was a special boy, because unlike other children his age, he carried a furry companion around with him everywhere he went: a wagwit—a small, mischievous creature that resembled an otter.

The wagwit had become attached to Wagwit shortly after he was born, when the little creature had snuck into his crib and taken up residence. After that, Wagwit and the wagwit were nearly inseparable—they went on countless adventures together, had fun, and even got into a bit of trouble sometimes.

One day, Wagwit and the wagwit decided to play a game of hide-and-seek in a nearby forest. Wagwit thought it would be a great idea and immediately took off, counting to 100 while the wagwit hid. He searched and searched, but no matter where he went, Wagwit couldn’t find the wagwit.

Panicked, he started to call out for the creature, but there was no response. He started to cry, scared that he had lost his furry companion forever. Just then, he heard a rustling noise in the bushes nearby and, to his surprise, there was the wagwit, safe and sound.

The wagwit had been playing a trick on Wagwit. It had decided to hide in the same spot for the duration of the game and then surprise him with its clever little ruse. Wagwit was relieved, but also a bit mad at the wagwit for worrying him so much.

From that day onward, Wagwit was sure to never take the wagwit for granted. He appreciated the precious time they had together, understanding that it was a privilege to have a companion like the wagwit. He relied on the wagwit’s kindness and playful nature, even in times of distress.

Moral of the story: Appreciate the ones you love, because you never know when they are going to be taken away or when their presence in your life is no longer guaranteed. Cherish the moments you have together and recognize the importance of those relationships.

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