Once there was a little girl named Sarah. She was an incredibly special child, with an inspiring and vibrant personality. Every day she delighted in the world around her and found joy in the simplest of things.

One special day, Sarah went to the park with her family. She marveled at the trees and the blue sky, the tall grass and the way the sun shimmered off the lake’s surface. She ran from one playground to the next, jumping on the swings and spinning on the carousel. Everything was wonderful.

However, when Sarah came across the park’s fountain, she was mesmerized. It was a beautiful sculpture of a mermaid, her tail arched up to the sky, her hands raised in the air and drops of water cascading from her fingertips. She was radiating with a certain kind of energy that Sarah could feel, even from far away.

Sarah ran towards the fountain, at once wanting to reach it, touch it, feel its energy and hold on to it forever. But as she got closer and closer, she realized that something was wrong. The mermaid was stuck still in her pose and the water droplets were barely trickling down. The fountain was alive, but somehow it was also dying.

Sarah wanted to figure out what was wrong. She thought desperately of ways she could help the fountain to be as vital as it had been before. Finally, she came up with an idea. She took a small pebble from the ground, held it tightly in her hand, and leaned forward over the fountain. She whispered a wish, so quietly she could scarcely hear it.

And then, something amazing happened. The fountain began to sparkle and spin, music filled the air and the water droplets grew stronger and stronger. The mermaid seemed to be alive again, and Sarah knew her wish had come true.

From that day forward, Sarah visited the fountain regularly and brought it small pebbles each time. She knew that it was her job to continue to vitalize the fountain, to keep its energy alive.

The moral of this story is that we all have the power to vitalize the world. Whether it be a park fountain, or a community project, or the lives of those around us, it is up to us to find ways to make our world vibrant and alive. We just need to remember to keep wishing and to keep believing that our wishes can make a difference.

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