Once upon a time, there lived a small village near the sea. Everyone in the village was kind and friendly to each other, and they all enjoyed the peaceful life the village provided.

One day, the village was visited by a strange creature called Vibrio. Vibrio was a friendly being, but he had one strange habit that made him stand out from the other villagers. Vibrio could not help but to collect bits of trash from the beach and store them away in his pockets, as if gathering these materials made him feel safe.

The village was perplexed by Vibrio’s habit, but they still welcomed him with open arms. After all, everyone loves a good friend. Despite their confusion, the villagers accepted Vibrio and let him stay.

One summer day, the village was hosting a big festival, but the festivities were unexpectedly interrupted by Vibrio. As the villagers enjoyed their outdoor meal, Vibrio had managed to find enough trash from the beach to build an interesting contraption. He had used bits of wood, metal and some string to create a large mechanical beast that he had dubbed the “Vibrio”.

Vibrio announced proudly that the machine he had created was capable of cleaning up the trash around the beach. He then stated that the only thing that could stop the Vibrio was if they all worked together to collect the trash and throw it away correctly.

The villagers smiled and accepted the challenge. They divided into small groups and started picking up the trash. What they didn’t know was that Vibrio was watching them from a distance, too embarrassed to join in.

The villagers worked quickly, and the beach was soon clean. Vibrio was proud of the work the villagers had done, and he realized that the only way he could help was by joining in. He put aside his fear and joined the villagers in cleaning up the beach.

The villagers were amazed by what Vibrio had created and were proud of the positive difference he had made in the village. From that day on, Vibrio was no longer an outsider, but a beloved friend.

Moral: Working together, we can make a positive difference and create a bright future for everyone.

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