Once upon a time, there was a little 3 year old boy named Todd. Todd was a very curious child and loved to explore and learn new things. One day he was walking with his parents to the park when he happened to stumble upon an old chair. Seeing the chair, Todd was immediately intrigued and wanted to explore it.

His parents, however, warned him not to get too close to the chair as it might be dangerous. Todd, however, being the curious boy he was, didn’t want to listen and decided to move closer to the chair. He wanted to get a better look of it and see if there was anything interesting inside. As soon as he got close enough, he noticed there was something strange inside the chair. He decided to investigate and carefully opened the chair.

Inside of the chair, Todd found a small wooden box. He peered inside the box and saw a lot of coins. It looked like there was a lot of money inside! Todd was so excited that he grabbed the box and ran back to show his parents. When he showed his parents the box, they were very surprised. They told Todd that he had made a very good find and that the coins were most likely worth a lot of money.

But his parents also cautioned Todd about being too trusting. They taught him that it was very important to verify what he found with someone else before making any decisions. Todd listened carefully and for the next few days, he asked around if anyone knew anything about the coins he found. One person suggested that he take the coins to a numismatist, who could tell him exactly how much the coins were worth.

Todd took his father’s advice and went to the local numismatist. After carefully examining the coins, the numismatist concluded that they were very old and extremely valuable. He suggested that Todd keep the coins safe and that he could get a good return on them in the future.

Todd was so excited to hear the news that he ran home to his parents to tell them the good news. Todd learned a valuable lesson that day about the importance of being careful and verifying what we find before taking action.

Moral of the story: It is important to be vigilant and verify what you find before making any decisions.

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