Once upon a time there lived a curious little boy named Vendibly. He was always asking questions and trying to understand the world around him.

One day, Vendibly decided to take a walk in the woods alone. As he walked amongst the trees, he noticed that the branches were swaying to the rhythm of the wind and their leaves were rustling in the air. It was so peaceful and calming that Vendibly felt like he was walking on air.

He got so lost in the beauty of nature that he didn’t notice he was heading deeper and deeper into the woods. Suddenly, he heard an unfamiliar noise. He stopped and peered around, but he didn’t know what it was. He felt a little scared, but he decided to find out what it was.

He followed the noise until he stumbled upon a clearing. In the middle was a small lake with a beautiful waterfall cascading down its side. Vendibly was mesmerized by the sight, and he slowly walked towards the lake. As he got closer, he noticed that there were hundreds of little creatures darting around in the water. He got closer still and saw that the creatures were fish!

He had never seen so many fish in one place before, so he decided to try and catch one. He tried poking the water with a stick, but the fish were too quick for him. Finally, after much trying, he managed to grab one of the slippery little fish.

He held it in his hand and carefully looked at it. He felt a strange connection to the fish and felt responsible for it. He decided that instead of keeping the fish, he would let it go back into the water.

He released it back into the lake and watched as it darted away. As he did, Vendibly felt a strange sense of joy and satisfaction. He smiled and realized that sometimes, we should take time to appreciate the beauty of nature and the creatures that inhabit it.

At that moment, Vendibly learned an important lesson – that it is often more rewarding to give than to receive. As he left the clearing, he was more aware of his responsibilities to the environment and nature around him.

Moral: It is often more rewarding to give than to receive.

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