Once upon a time there lived a little boy named Venal. He was a bright and energetic boy and loved to play with his friends at his home in the small village of Sagar.

Venal always looked forward to the weekends, when he and his friends would go explore the nearby forests. One day while they were exploring the forest they came across a mysterious lake. Venal was intrigued by this lake and decided to explore it more.

As he moved closer to the lake he noticed a small boat docked at the edge of the lake. He was excited to go and investigate further what the people in the boat were up to. He and his friends slowly made their way to the boat and peered inside.

Inside the boat Venal was shocked to find a group of people playing cards and betting money. The people were gambling and Venal was puzzled about what was going on. He asked them what was happening to which they replied that they were gambling and were getting money in return.

Venal was curious and wanted to know how he could get some money too. The people suggested that he too can play and bet along with them and if he wins he can get some money in return. Venal was tempted to try and make some money but at the same time he was scared of losing it all.

He asked his friends if they thought it was a good idea and they convinced him to go ahead and try. So Venal decided to gamble and bet some of his savings on the game. He won some money and also lost some. Venal was happy with the money he had made but at the same time felt bad as he realized that he had been betting on something that was wrong.

He decided to stay away from such activities and promised himself to never indulge in gambling again. Venal learnt a valuable lesson that day and promised himself to never be tempted by the easy way out and never fall into the trap of gambling.

Moral: Gambling is never the way to get rich quickly. It is not only unethical but often tends to end in losses and regrets which can be hard to overcome. It is better to focus on hard work and dedication to succeed in life.

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