Once upon a time, there lived a young boy named Robert. Robert was a very curious and mischievous boy who was always into trouble. One day, his mother gave him a little toy- a toy elephant. Robert was so happy and immediately took the elephant to play with.

He played with the elephant until he became tired and decided to rest. When he went to sleep, the elephant came to life. He was a mischievous elephant and ran away with Robert’s toy. Robert awoke the next morning to find that his toy elephant was gone.

Desperate to find his toy, Robert decided to go out and search for the elephant. He asked everyone if they had seen it, but no one knew where it was. He even asked the animals in the forest, but they hadn’t seen it either.

Finally, Robert came across a mountain cave, and inside he found his elephant. The elephant was very happy to see Robert and was excited to play with him. But there was one problem- the elephant was very big and unwieldly. It was so big that it would not fit through the cave’s entrance.

No matter how hard Robert tried, he just could not get the elephant out of the cave. He was so desperate that he started to cry. Suddenly, a bright light appeared and a voice said: “Do not cry, Robert. Believe in yourself and do not give up.”

Robert was filled with courage and determination. He took a deep breath and started to push the elephant out of the cave, one step at a time. The elephant was so big that it was difficult for Robert, but with the help of the light, he was able to get it out.

Once outside, Robert hugged the elephant and thanked it for being so brave. The elephant was so happy to be with Robert and promised to stay by his side forever.


No matter how big and unwieldy your problem may seem, never give up. Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything.

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