Once upon a time there lived a poor family in a small village. They had a little girl named Lucy. She was very cheerful and cheerful, but also very kind and caring.

One day, Lucy’s parents told her that they had decided to get a new pet for their family. They told her that the pet was a big, friendly and gentle dog. Lucy was so excited, she could not wait to meet and greet the dog.

The next day, Lucy’s parents brought the dog to their house. When Lucy saw the dog, she was so delighted and excited. But she soon realised that the dog was not as friendly and gentle as her parents said it was. The dog barked and growled at Lucy, and even tried to bite her. Lucy was scared and started to cry.

Her parents tried to calm the dog down and they took it away from Lucy. They were so worried, they did not know what to do. That night, Lucy felt really sad and lonely. She was so scared of the dog and she did not know how she could get the dog to like her.

The next morning, Lucy woke up to find that her parents had taken the dog away. They said they would take it to the shelter and asked her not to worry. Lucy was upset by this and she thought that she had not done anything wrong.

So, Lucy decided to go to the shelter and find the dog. When she got there, she saw the dog in a corner, looking very scared and lonely. Lucy felt so sorry for the dog and knew that it needed a home and a friend.

So, she decided to take the dog home. At first, the dog was still scared of her, but Lucy was very patient and kind. She gave the dog a lot of love and attention and soon the dog became much friendlier. Over time, Lucy’s kindness and patience won the dog’s trust.

The moral of this story is that kindness, patience and understanding can help one to make new friends, even if they are unwelcomed at first. No matter how scared and lonely one may be, a kind and gentle heart can open doors to friendship.

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