Once upon a time, in a small village by the sea, there lived a young boy named Sam. He was an active child who loved to explore and play with his friends. He was also a kind and helpful friend, always ready to lend a hand when somebody needed his help.

One day, Sam and his friends decided to climb a nearby mountain. It was a long and arduous journey and they managed to get to the top after hours of tireless effort. Upon reaching the peak, they were rewarded with a spectacular view of the ocean and the surrounding countryside. At the very summit of the mountain, they found a large boulder, strange and curious in shape.

When they examined it, they discovered that it was actually a huge eagle’s nest. They had stumbled upon a giant eagle, larger than any they had ever seen before.

Unfortunately, the bird was not happy to see them and immediately lunged at them, its talons extended, ready to attack. Sam’s friends immediately scattered in fear, leaving him alone with the angry bird.

Sam was terrified, but he remembered the wise words of his father: “If somebody does something bad to you, don’t take revenge. Instead, show kindness, and things will turn out for the best”.

He stood his ground and, instead of attacking the eagle, he calmly and kindly asked the bird to leave. Surprisingly, it actually worked and the bird slowly began to calm down. Eventually, after a few minutes, the eagle flew away and Sam and his friends were left in peace.

The eagle became a regular visitor to the mountain and, after a while, it even became friends with Sam and his friends. They often spent the evenings playing games, telling stories and admiring the view of the sea and the countryside.

Sam’s actions had taught him a valuable lesson – that no matter how difficult the situation, if you show kindness, you can still come out of it better than before. He learned that revenge will only bring revenge, but being kind and unvindictive will open new opportunities and bring happiness.

From that day on, Sam never forgot the lesson he had learned and, to this day, still lives by the motto of being kind and unvindictive.

Moral : Kindness is always a form of strength that brings out the best in people and it should be used as the first line of defense in any conflict.

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