Once upon a time, there was a small town in the ‘valley of truth’. It was a town where people lived by the truth, and it was a pleasant place to live.

The people there rarely ever lied or exaggerated, and when they did it was usually a small matter that nobody took seriously.

One day, a new family moved into the valley and the children in the town were fascinated by this new family. The new family had three children and the youngest was a boy named Jack.

Jack was an outgoing and friendly boy, and he quickly made friends with the other kids in the valley. His new friends were eager to learn how his family lived differently than they did in the valley.

Jack explained to them that his family believed in telling the truth, no matter what. He also explained that telling a lie, even a small one, was frowned upon in his family and could result in serious discipline. Jack’s friends were amazed how different his family was, and they were even more amazed when Jack told them that his family did not believe in exaggerating either.

Jack’s friends were so intrigued by his family’s way of life that they began to experiment with telling the truth. At first it was difficult for them, but soon they realized that telling the truth was not so bad after all. They began to share this new found truth with their friends in the valley.

Soon the whole valley was talking about the important of truth. They all began to appreciate the importance of being honest and the joy that it can bring.

Jack’s family had unknowingly brought a new moral code to the valley and it was being spread quickly. Everyone was so grateful for Jack and his family’s example that a monument was built in the center of town to honor them and their commitment to truth.

Moral of the story: Always tell the truth and never exaggerate, as it can bring joy and honor to all who practice it.

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