Once upon a time, there lived a young boy called Joseph who was just beginning to experience all the stresses of growing up. He was a bright young boy who was eager to learn, but slowly, he had begun to feel overwhelmed by all the pressures of growing up and he was feeling more and more stressed out.

He noticed that his classmates, who also had to juggle all the same pressures, seemed to cope better than him. This made Joseph feel very anxious and he started to worry that there was something wrong with him.

One day, Joseph’s teacher noticed his anxious behaviour and she asked if anything was wrong. Joseph confided in his teacher and confessed that he felt very stressed out and that he wished he could cope better.

The teacher was very understanding and she gave Joseph some advice. She suggested he start practicing some unstressedness. She explained to him that when we are feeling stressed, our bodies release a lot of energy and it can be difficult to focus and stay calm. She said that by practising unstressedness, he could learn how to control that energy, allowing it to relax his muscles and mind.

Joseph was intrigued by this concept of unstressedness and was eager to learn more. He asked his teacher for some tips and she suggested he start by spending some time alone each day. This could be done by going for a walk in nature, listening to calming music, or just sitting in silence.

The teacher also told Joseph that he should learn to appreciate the here and now. This means focusing on the present moment and enjoying the small things in life. She said that if he learnt to appreciate the present, it would help him to stay calmer and more focused.

Joseph was excited to start practising unstressedness and he began to incorporate it into his daily routine. Every morning, he would spend around 10 minutes doing something calming, like reading or listening to music.

At night, he would spend some time alone, meditating or reflecting on the day. Sometimes, he would even go outside and look at the stars.

Eventually, Joseph began to realise the power of unstressedness. He could feel his body and mind calming down and he realised that he was able to stay more focused and relaxed.

He had also learnt to appreciate the present moment and he was enjoying life more. He had begun to notice the small moments of joy that he was experiencing throughout his day and it was helping him to stay balanced and content.

Joseph’s teacher was so proud of what he had achieved. She encouraged him to keep practising unstressedness and to continue to enjoy the small moments of happiness that life had to offer.

Moral: Unstressedness can help you to stay calmer, more focused and more content. Taking a few moments each day to practice unstressedness can be a great way to look after your mental health and to appreciate the moments of joy that life has to offer.

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