Once there was a little boy called Unstoried who used to stayed away from others. He had the ability to tell amazing stories but he never tells them to anyone as he was too shy. One day, Unstoried saw a group of kids playing near the lake. He wanted to join them and make some new friends, but he was scared that they may laugh at him if he tells them his stories.

Unstoried decided to keep his distance from them, but he always kept an eye on the group. He saw the other kids having so much fun, playing and laughing together. He wanted to be like them but he never had the courage to approach them.

One day, Unstoried was sitting alone under a tree when he suddenly heard a voice. He looked around and he saw an old wise man on a nearby rock. The old man asked Unstoried about why he was alone and why he did not join the other kids. Unstoried was hesitant but he eventually started to tell the old man about his story telling abilities and how he was scared to share them with the other kids.

The old man smiled and told Unstoried that he should not be scared of sharing his stories. He said that everyone has their unique gifts and that it was his responsibility to share them with others. He also said that he should not be scared to make friends, as everyone deserves to have friends.

Unstoried was very moved by what the old man said. He thanked him and promised to try to make friends and tell his stories.

The next day, Unstoried joined the other kids near the lake. He was very nervous but he mustered up the courage to start a conversation. He asked the other kids about the games they were playing. They all welcomed him with enthusiasm, and it was not long before he was part of the group. Unstoried started to tell them his stories, and the other kids were mesmerized.

At the end of the day, Unstoried thanked the old wise man for his advice and for believing in him. He realized that he should not be scared of his abilities, and he should not be scared to make friends. He was now part of the group, and he had made some amazing new friends.

Moral: Everyone has their unique gifts and it’s our responsibility to share these with others. We shouldn’t be scared of making friends, as everyone deserves to have friends.

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