Once upon a time in a faraway land, there lived a young boy named Unsonable. He was quite different from the other children in his village because he didn’t like to do the same things. While the other children played with their friends and spent their days having fun, Unsonable preferred to be on his own, exploring the forests and meadows near his home.

One day, he came across a very strange looking tree in the forest. Its trunk was thick and gnarled, and its branches hung low, almost touching the ground. This strange tree had silver and gold leaves which glittered in the sunlight. Unsonable had never seen a tree like this before and was curious to find out more.

He ventured further and closer to the tree and noticed that there was a small door in its trunk. He found an old key nearby and unlocked the door. Inside, he discovered a magical room full of eggs! Unsonable was amazed! He wanted to take one of the eggs back home with him, but he was worried that if he did, the egg would not hatch.

Unsonable decided to ask for help from the wise old wizard that lived in his village. The wise wizard told Unsonable that the only way for him to bring the egg home safely was to sing it a song. The wizard told Unsonable that if he sang the egg a song, it would be able to survive the journey.

Unsonable was hesitant at first, but he eventually agreed and sang a beautiful song to the egg. As soon as he finished the song, the egg began to move and crack. Unsonable was delighted! He carefully placed the egg in his pocket and brought it home.

When he arrived at home, the egg hatched, revealing a small and very cute dragon-like creature. Unsonable was overjoyed! He named the creature Unsonable and they quickly became best friends. The two of them had many adventures together and Unsonable never felt alone or lonely again.

Moral of the story: Everyone needs a friend, and sometimes the most unlikely place can be home to the most wonderful companions.

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