It was a cold, wintry morning and young Jerry Gudridge was feeling particularly gloomy. He had just learned that his best friend, Rupert, was moving to a faraway town. Jerry was so sad and lonely he didn’t know what to do with himself.

He trudged through the snow to school and tried to put on a brave face. But it was hard to ignore the longing he felt for his best buddy.

Luckily, Jerry had a few other friends who were able to provide some distraction from the sadness. He got through the day but by the time he was walking home, Jerry was feeling pretty down.

Suddenly he heard a strange noise. It was coming from the nearby woods. Jerry looked around but he couldn’t see anything. He decided to investigate, but as soon as he stepped into the woods he knew he had made a huge mistake.

A large, furry creature had been watching him from the trees. It was an unsharable, a creature from an ancient mythology. Unsharables were said to steal away children who ventured too far from home.

Jerry was terrified, but he could also feel a strange connection to the creature. He knew he had to do something to save himself. He remembered a story his grandmother had told him about a brave knight who saved a princess from an unsharable.

He knew he had to be brave too. Taking a deep breath, he stepped forward and asked the unsharable to let him go. Much to his surprise, the creature agreed.

The unsharable then told Jerry a secret. It said that although it could not be shared with others, it was possible to keep a special, unsharable memory in your heart. Jerry thanked the creature and promised to do just that.

As he walked home, Jerry felt a new strength within him. He knew that he had to cherish the friendship he had with Rupert, even though they were far apart.

Moral of the story: It’s important to keep special memories close to your heart, even when they can’t be shared with others.

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