Once upon a time there lived a little kid who felt that nothing in his life was satisfactory. He was never satisfied with his grades in school, the toys he received from his parents, or the time he had to play with his friends. He felt like his life was empty and he was constantly left wanting more.

The little kid wanted to change his outlook on life, but he wasn’t sure how. He asked his friends for advice but they didn’t really have any great ideas. He decided to take a walk one day to clear his head and find some answers.

As he strolled down the street, he noticed a small bookshop with a mysterious looking door. He couldn’t help but peek inside, and to his surprise he noticed a sign that said “The Book of Satisfaction”. The little kid was intrigued so he walked inside.

The old man who owned the bookshop smiled at the kid and told him that this book was a magical one, and it would help him gain a better understanding of life and what will make him truly satisfied. The old man gave the kid the book for free and asked him to read it cover to cover.

Excitedly, the little kid ran home and opened the book. As he read through it, he began to learn the importance of having gratitude for the things he had and being thankful for each moment he was alive. He also learned the importance of not expecting too much from life, and that true satisfaction came from within.

The little kid was now armed with newfound wisdom, and he used it to his advantage. He accepted his imperfections and his less than stellar grades, he appreciated the toys he had and he used his time wisely when he was playing to enjoy every minute of it.

The little kid now experienced a sense of satisfaction with life. He no longer felt the need to constantly expect more, or be dissatisfied with the things that he had. He felt content and delighted with how life was going.

Moral: True satisfaction in life doesn’t come from external factors, but rather from within. It comes from learning to be grateful for what you have and to appreciate each moment that you are alive.

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