Once upon a time, there was a family of farmers who lived in a small village near the woods. They had a small farm and a few animals, but they were poor and could barely make ends meet.

One day, the father decided to take the family’s only mule out to plow the fields, so he could plant some crops to help provide for his family.

The mule was old and slow, but the father was determined to get the plowing done as quickly as possible and he worked the mule hard. But no matter how hard he worked, the mule just couldn’t seem to plow the field.

Finally, after hours of hard work, the father became frustrated and angry. He took out his whip and started beating the mule, yelling obscenities at it.

The mule, sensing the father’s rage, started bucking and kicking wildly, trying desperately to get away from its cruel master. The mule’s wild behavior frightened the father and he stepped back, letting go of the rope.

The mule, relieved of the stress, instantly stopped bucking and ran off into the nearby woods, never to be seen again.

The father was devastated. Not only had he lost his beloved mule, but he had also lost the only chance his family had of getting enough food to survive the coming winter. All he could do was stand in the field, watching as the mule ran away, and wonder what he was going to do now.

As time passed, the father began to realize that by getting angry and beating the mule, he had caused more harm than good. He had destroyed the trust between himself and the mule, causing it to run away in fear.

He realized that if he had taken the time to understand the mule’s needs and be a kinder master, the mule wouldn’t have run away, and his family would still have a reliable source of food.

The moral of the story is that it is important to be respectful and understanding of the needs of others, even if it takes a little more time and effort. Taking the time to understand will ultimately lead to better results than taking the easy way out.

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