Once upon a time, there lived a farmer in a small village. He had a daughter named Lina who was very kind, hardworking, and helpful to everyone in the village.

One day, Lina was walking to the market to buy some food for her family. On her way, she saw a poor old woman struggling to carry some heavy bags of grain. Seeing how much effort the old woman was putting into carrying the bags, Lina offered to help. The old woman refused at first, but Lina insisted and the two of them together made their way to the market.

At the market, the old woman apologized to Lina for the trouble she had gone through. To thank her, she offered to give her a special gift. Lina was curious to know what the old woman had in mind. The old woman told Lina that she had a magic bowl which was capable of producing food out of thin air. Lina was surprised to hear that but the old woman assured her that it was true and handed the bowl to her.

Lina was excited to have such a magical item in her possession, but she was scared to use it in the village, for fear of getting into trouble. The old woman told her to use it only when she was in need. Lina thanked the old woman for her kind gift and went on her way, back to her home.

Upon arriving home, Lina told her father about the magic bowl. He warned her that it was unwise to use it, but Lina told him that she had promised the old woman that she would use it only when she was in need. Her father accepted her promise and let her keep the bowl.

From then on, whenever Lina and her family were in need, they would use the magic bowl to get their food. Over time, Lina became confident in the abilities of the bowl and started using it unmercifully. She didn’t care for the farmers in the village who were growing the food, nor did she care for the old woman who had given her the bowl.

One day, when Lina reached out to her bowl for food, she noticed that it was empty. She was stunned and perplexed to find out that the bowl had gone dry. She immediately knew why – she had been using it unmercifully.

A few days later, the old woman found out that her bowl had been misused and she was deeply hurt. She decided to take back her bowl and warned Lina never to use it again.

Lina was ashamed of herself for using the bowl unmercifully. She felt guilty for her actions and apologized to the old woman for her selfishness. In the end, she learnt her lesson and promised herself never to use the magical bowl or anything else unmercifully ever again.

Moral of the story: Always use things wisely and be considerate of others.

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