Once upon a time there lived an old man named Cranberry Jones. He lived alone in a small cabin in the woods, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. He had no family and few friends, and he rarely ventured out from his cabin.

One day, Cranberry decided to explore the forest and see what he could find. He ventured deep into the woods and soon found himself at an old abandoned building. He felt something strange in the air, a sense of uneasiness that he couldn’t explain. He heard noises coming from inside the building, so he made his way inside.

Inside, he found a young girl, no more than 15 years old, huddled in the corner. She had black hair, pale skin and deep brown eyes. She seemed frightened and desperate. Cranberry was curious as to what she was doing in such a place, so he asked her.

The girl explained that she had run away from her home because her parents couldn’t stand her. They wanted her to be someone she wasn’t, and she felt like she didn’t belong there. They had rejected her and she just couldn’t take it anymore.

Cranberry was moved by her story and took the girl home with him. He welcomed her into his small cabin and treated her like one of his own family. She quickly made herself at home and they enjoyed many happy days together.

One day, Cranberry took the girl out into the forest and showed her something he had been working on. He had constructed a small hut out of wood and stones. He explained to her that this was her own special place. It was a place where she could go to be herself and find her own path in life.

The girl was overjoyed. She thanked Cranberry and spent many happy hours in the hut, learning and growing.

A few weeks later, Cranberry had to leave the cabin for a few days. He entrusted the girl to the care of his good friend, but when he returned he found the hut empty. The girl had gone and he feared she had run away again.

He searched the forest, but couldn’t find her anywhere. Eventually, he returned to his cabin and resigned himself to the fact that she was gone.

One day, while out in the forest, Cranberry stumbled upon the hut and found the girl inside. She was working on a new project and seemed to be in a much better place. She thanked Cranberry for giving her the freedom to be herself and find her own way.

That day, Cranberry realized that he had been gifted with a great opportunity. He had been given the chance to give someone a place to belong and to be accepted. He had shown her that no matter where she was, she was never truly unmet and never truly alone.

Moral: Everyone deserves a chance to be accepted and feel a sense of belonging.

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