Once there was a young boy named Add. He was an adventurous person who had a childish heart. He often went out to play with his friends and explored nature. He would often tell stories about his adventures and his parents were very proud of him.

One day, Add went to the beach with his friends and it was the first time he was allowed to go without his parents. That day, he found some really cool seashells that he wanted to take home. He asked his friends if it was okay to take them, but they all said he shouldn’t take them because it would be wrong. Add thought it was silly and he picked the shells anyway. He put them in his pocket without thinking of the consequences.

Little did Add know, the shells belonged to a group of mermaids. When they saw Add taking the shells, they got very angry and started to chase him. Add was so scared, his heart was racing. He tried to run away as fast as he could, but he couldn’t escape the fast mermaids.

When Add got home, he was feeling embarrassed and scared. He didn’t want his parents to know what had happened, so he kept it a secret. But, his parents found out and they weren’t happy with him. They told him that taking things that don’t belong to him is wrong and he needed to learn to respect other people’s things.

Add realised his mistake and he apologised to his parents and the mermaids. He returned the shells to the mermaids and promised to never do it again. He learned his lesson and vowed to be more mature in the future.

Moral: We all make mistakes and sometimes it takes situations like these to learn from them and become more mature.

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