Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived an old man who was very poor. He had a son named Unlit, who he loved dearly. Unlit was an adventurous and curious boy, but he was always running off, getting into trouble.

One day, Unlit was wandering around the village when he stumbled upon an old, abandoned house. He had passed by it many times, but this time something made him go inside. He found himself in a dark room, with no windows or light. Despite the darkness, Unlit explored the house and was amazed by what he found.

In one corner of the room, he found a chest of drawers with a key inside it. With trembling hands, he opened the chest and found an old, dusty book. He opened the book and saw that it contained instructions on how to make a magical lamp. The book said that if he lit the lamp, it would grant any wish he desired.

Unlit was excited and he quickly gathered all the materials he needed and started to make the lamp. When he finished, he lit the lamp and wished for lots of money. His wish was granted and he found himself suddenly surrounded by gold coins.

But Unlit soon realized that his wish had come with a heavy cost. The gold coins were heavy and the more he collected, the harder it was for him to move around. He was quickly losing the energy to even lift himself off the ground.

As he lay on the ground, his eyes filled with tears and he started to regret wishing for such a thing. He realized that being wealthy was not worth the cost of being unable to move or even enjoy life.

Unlit put out the lamp and vowed never to use it again. He then went back to his old life and embraced the simplicity of it. He also made sure that he did his best to help others in need and bring a little light into the lives of those around him.

Moral of the story:

We should be careful about what we wish for and always remember that wealth does not equal happiness. We should strive to find joy and contentment in life’s simple pleasures, instead of chasing materialistic things. Money may make life more comfortable, but it won’t bring us true happiness.

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