Once upon a time there lived a kind and gentle baker named Pat. Pat was an unlean baker and did not pay much attention to his health. As a result, he was very overweight and out of shape. This made it difficult for him to do his job of kneading dough, as his arms and back would tire quickly.

One day, a customer came into Pat’s bakery and asked for a cake. Pat happily agreed, as he was always eager to please his customers. He began to mix the batter and knead the dough for the cake, but soon had to stop for a break because he was so exhausted. Pat felt embarrassed and ashamed that he could no longer do the work that he so enjoyed.

The customer, seeing this, offered to help Pat with his task. The customer kneaded the remaining dough, while Pat watched in amazement and gratitude. In no time at all, the cake was finished and the customer happily took it, leaving behind a generous tip for Pat.

Pat was so grateful to the customer for helping him that day, but at the same time he felt embarrassed. He realized that if he had taken better care of his health, he would have been able to do his job without any help. So, Pat decided to make a change and began eating healthy meals and exercising regularly.

Within a few months, Pat had lost a significant amount of weight and was feeling much better. He was stronger, more energetic, and no longer needed help with his baking. He was able to knead the dough and bake the cakes quickly and easily.

Pat’s change in lifestyle had a positive effect on his bakery, as customers were now more impressed with his work. Word soon spread about Pat’s incredible transformation, and customers would often come just to learn about how Pat changed his life.

Moral of the story:

No matter how talented or skilled a person is, it is important to take care of one’s health and well-being in order to be successful.

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