Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, there lived a young prince named Unimperial. Unimperial was a happy prince who was beloved by all, even the animals in the kingdom. He was a kind, generous and gentle soul, but he was also strong and brave when it was needed.

Unimperial was known for his courage and wisdom. He always thought of others before himself and was always willing to lend a helping hand. Unimperial was a respectful listener and he loved to learn from everyone. He had many friends, both from his kingdom and from other kingdoms, and he spent a lot of time with them.

One day, Unimperial was out and about in the kingdom when he came across an elderly man who was begging for help. The man said he was lost and could not find his way home. Without hesitation, Unimperial offered to help. He showed the man the way and even gave him some food and water.

The elderly man was very grateful and thanked Unimperial for his kindness and selflessness. He asked if there was anything he could do to repay Unimperial. Unimperial said he didn’t need any repayment but the man insisted and so Unimperial asked him to promise to help someone else in need, when the opportunity arose.

The elderly man agreed and went on his way. Unimperial, who was a person of his word, never forgot the promise he made and continued to help those in need. As time passed, he gained more and more respect from the people of his kingdom and was even given the title of “Unimperial” to show his great attention to service, wisdom and courage.

Unimperial’s kind heart and good deeds were an example to all in the kingdom and everyone wanted to be like him. Unimperial always remembered to put others first, and he never forgot his promise. He taught everyone around him the importance of helping others and showed them how to be kind and generous.

The moral of this story is that kindness and selflessness are essential virtues to living a good life. Unimperial always put the needs of others before his own and he was rewarded by the love, respect and admiration of those around him. He is a true example of how small acts of kindness can have a huge impact and how giving of oneself can be the most rewarding thing of all.

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