Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Tommy, who was the only son of a single mother—his father had left them many years ago. Tommy was a good boy, but he had a tendency to be too independent and make decisions on his own.

Tommy’s mother had a very busy life, but she always managed to find time to make sure her son had everything he needed. She was used to taking care of everything on her own and was proud that her son was learning to become self-reliant.

One day, Tommy’s mother asked him to help her out with some chores around the house, but he refused. He said he didn’t have time and that it would be better if she did them alone. His mother asked him to reconsider, but Tommy refused again. He was adamant that he didn’t need her help, so he refused to cooperate.

That night, Tommy had a dream about a mysterious old man. The man gave him three magical coins, and he told Tommy that if he used them wisely, he would get whatever he wanted.

When Tommy awoke the next morning, he rushed to show his mother the coins he had been given by the old man in the dream. His mother thought it was a great idea, and she urged him to use the coins to buy whatever he wanted.

Tommy eagerly went to the store to buy something with his coins, but he soon discovered that his coins were not enough. He decided to purchase something with the few coins he had, and it was a toy he really wanted.

When Tommy got home, his mother scolded him for not listening to her advice. She reminded him that she had asked him to help her with chores and that if he had done so, he would have had enough money to buy whatever he wanted.

Tommy realized his mistake and felt ashamed of himself. From that day on, he always tried to listen to his mother’s advice, and it was because of her guidance that he was able to succeed in life.

Moral of the story:

It’s important to listen to the advice of those who care about you, as it can help you succeed in life. Ignoring helpful advice can lead to mistakes, and sometimes that mistake can be costly.

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