Once upon a time there was a little boy named unhabituate. Unhabituate was six years old and lived with his parents. Unhabituate seemed to be a normal little boy, but he was different from other children in one important way – he was a little shy and lacked confidence.

Unhabituate had never really made friends with any of the other kids in his school. He was too anxious to talk to them, or to join in any of their activities. One day, his parents decided it was time for him to learn to be more confident and brave.

They took him to a nearby forest and asked him to spend the day alone. Unhabituate was confused and scared, but his parents promised to come back for him at the end of the day. So he began to explore the forest, feeling a bit apprehensive.

He noticed birds and animals in the trees and other critters scurrying around in the dirt. He was curious and wondered what kind of creatures lived in the forest. He explored and found a cave and decided to enter it. Inside he saw a sparkly light and felt a rush of courage come over him. He realized that he was capable of doing things on his own, without having to rely on anyone else.

Unhabituate continued his exploration, and as he did he began to feel more comfortable around the other animals and creatures in the forest. He eventually made friends with a squirrel and a rabbit, who both trusted him and were impressed that he was brave enough to explore the forest on his own.

At the end of the day, Unhabituate’s parents came back to pick him up. He was glowing with confidence, and the two animals had followed him back to the edge of the forest. Unhabituate’s parents were amazed and proud of him.

The moral of this story is that courage and confidence can be gained through exploration and facing your fears. Even the most timid of us can find a source of strength from within, if we are brave enough to try.

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