Once upon a time, there lived two children named Tom and Sarah. They used to go to the same school and were neighbors as well. Tom was a kind-hearted boy who loved to help others while Sarah was not as friendly as Tom.

Despite her parents’ efforts, Sarah didn’t get along with many kids in her class. She used to say things that hurt their feelings and made them feel bad. Some children used to stay away from her while others tried to adjust and befriend her. However, her behavior didn’t change. She continued to bully her peers and acted in an unkind manner.

One day, Sarah got into a fight with another girl in her class. The girl went home in tears and told her parents about what had happened. Her parents then decided to inform the school principal about the incident. The principal called both Tom and Sarah in and spoke to them about the importance of being kind to others.

Tom, who had always been a supportive friend to Sarah, tried to make her see that her behavior was wrong. But Sarah wasn’t ready to listen. Instead, she shouted at Tom and stormed out of the principal’s office.

From that day onwards, Sarah became more isolated than ever before. Kids who used to be her friends started to avoid her because of her behavior. She thought that they didn’t like her anymore because they were jealous of her. However, she didn’t realize that it was her own actions that were causing everyone to stay away from her.

One day, Tom saw Sarah sitting alone in the playground. She looked sad and lonely, so he went up to her and asked her what was wrong. Sarah, who had always treated Tom poorly, was surprised by his kindness.

Tom listened intently to what she had to say and tried to make her feel better. He didn’t judge her for her behavior, instead, he offered her a helping hand. Sarah was touched by his kindness and finally realized that her actions had caused her to be alone.

She apologized to Tom and promised to be a better person. Tom forgave her and from that day onwards they became best friends. Sarah’s behavior changed, and she worked hard to be kind and friendly to everyone. She soon became one of the most popular kids in her class.

The moral of the story is that being unfriendly to others can never bring happiness. It’s important to be kind and compassionate towards others. You never know when you might need their help, and it’s never too late to start being kind. The world needs more people like Tom who are always happy to help others rather than individuals like Sarah who only think about themselves.

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