Once upon a time there was a girl named Jenny and she lived with her parents and two sisters in a village. Jenny was a very curious and adventurous girl, who loved exploring and playing outdoors.

One day, while playing outside of her house, Jenny stumbled across a mysterious old house, and without hesitation, she decided to venture inside. As soon as she stepped in, she was mesmerized by the old furniture and décor. She was so enchanted by the beautiful old paintings, books, and statues that she decided to explore further.

Unfortunately, she soon got lost in the house, and after a few hours of searching for the exit, she was starting to get scared. In her struggle to find the way out, Jenny stumbled upon an old and dusty piano in one of the rooms. She was captivated by its beauty and mesmerized by the soft, melodious sound it made when she touched the keys. She then decided to take a seat and play the piano.

Hours went by and Jenny was still playing the piano, unaware of the world around her. Later that evening, when the sun had set, Jenny suddenly awoke to the sound of a man’s voice. She was startled and frightened. It was the old man who owned the house. He had been worriedly searching for Jenny all evening.

The old man was furious and scolded Jenny for coming into his home without permission. Jenny was so embarrassed and scared that she burst into tears. She quickly apologized to the old man and promised to never enter the house again.

Seeing Jenny’s sorrow, the old man’s heart softened. He comforted her and said that although she had made a mistake, she was brave for exploring the house. He then gifted her a special keychain with a picture of the old piano and promised to never forget their special moment together.

That evening, Jenny learned a valuable lesson. She had done something wrong and it was important to be responsible and always respect other people’s homes. Despite the unfortunate situation, Jenny was grateful for the old man’s kindness and understanding.

Moral of the story: Be responsible and always respect other people’s homes.

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