Once upon a time there was an eight-year-old girl called Mia. She was an intelligent and imaginative child from a small town. She was always filled with curiosity and often asked questions to her family members and friends that many found difficult to answer. One day, Mia’s grandmother came to visit and she brought with her an old folk tale.

The folk tale was about a big giant that lived in a cave and had the power to disprove any statement that was said to him. Everyone in the town believed this tale and took it very seriously. Mia’s grandmother warned her to never challenge the giant as no one had ever succeeded in disproving his statements.

Mia was intrigued by this tale and couldn’t help but wonder if the giant could really disprove everything that anyone said to him. She wanted to find out the truth, so she decided to go and meet the giant to test the myth.

Mia’s parents were shocked by her decision and warned her of the danger but she was determined to prove the myth wrong. Deep inside, she knew that the myth was most likely false and she wanted to validate that.

The next day Mia set off on her journey to the giant’s cave. As she entered the cave, she saw the giant sitting on a big throne and she was filled with fear. But she again gathered her courage and started talking to the giant.

To Mia’s surprise, the giant disproved all of her statements. He was so good at it that she started to believe the myth. But she was determined to prove him wrong.

Mia kept trying to fool the giant by telling him false statements but no matter what she said, the giant disproved them. Mia was almost ready to give up when she decided to use her intelligence and wit to prove the giant wrong.

Mia started saying statements that were neither true nor false and the giant was confused. He couldn’t disprove these statements and Mia had proved the myth wrong.

The giant was very impressed by Mia’s intelligence and he thanked her for breaking the myth. He was so thankful that he gave her a special gift. Mia was delighted and thanked the giant before she returned home.

Moral of the story: The power of intelligence and wit can help you succeed in any situation. No matter how difficult the task seems, if you use your brain and think outside the box, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

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