Once upon a time there was a kid named Alex. He was a lively, curious and brave little boy. He lived with his parents in a small town by the river.

One summer day, Alex and his parents decided to go on a boat ride. They had heard about a special place down the river and wanted to explore it. So they set off in their boat, under the bright summer sun.

The boat ride was beautiful and peaceful. Alex enjoyed watching the riverbanks as they sailed by. But soon, the river started to get choppy and the winds began to gust. Alex and his parents knew that a storm was coming.

They sailed quickly and soon the storm was upon them. Rain poured from the sky and the wind whipped around them. They tried to make it to safety, but the storm was too strong. The boat was starting to take on water and Alex’s parents knew that they were in trouble.

Alex’s parents knew that the only way to survive the storm was to keep the boat underway. So they worked together to keep the boat moving in the right direction. They bailed out the water and kept their course.

The storm raged around them and eventually the winds died down. Alex’s parents were exhausted, but they had managed to make it through the storm. When they finally made it to the other side, Alex’s parents hugged him tightly.

Alex realized that sometimes, life puts us in tough spots. We can’t always predict the challenges that come our way, but the important thing is to stay focused and keep going. When times get tough, we must find the courage and strength to stay underway.

Moral of the story: No matter what challenges come our way, we must have the courage and strength to stay underway.

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