Once upon a time, in a far away village, lived a small shrubby named Undershrubby. He was the smallest shrub in the entire neighborhood and was always looked down upon by all the other shrubs. He had a tough life since his size made other shrubs bully him and he had no friends because of it.

One day, Undershrubby was walking in the park when he noticed a patch of wildflowers in the meadow next to him. He noticed that they were in full bloom and had never seen such beauty. He decided to take a closer look and found out that they were willing to bloom even during the cold winter season. Being the little shrub that he was, Undershrubby was filled with amazement. He couldn’t believe that such beauty could exist in the cold winter. He decided to stay with the wildflowers for a while, admiring their beauty and happiness that filled the meadow.

The wildflowers noticed Undershrubby’s presence and welcomed him warmheartedly. They listened to him and comforted him with words of encouragement. Undershrubby was amazed at how kind and loving the wildflowers were towards him. He was filled with joy and happiness as he found people that accepted him for who he was and liked him for his size.

The same evening, Undershrubby decided to tell his story to the other shrubs in the village. He told them how he was accepted and loved by the wildflowers even though he was very small and different. The other shrubs were amazed by his story and they all realized that size and looks don’t matter when one has a kind and loving heart.

Undershrubby’s story inspired the other shrubs to be more kind and loving towards each other. They stopped making fun of Undershrubby and started accepting him as a part of their village. Undershrubby’s story helped the village realize the importance of being kind to each other and accepting people despite their differences.

Moral of the Story: We should always be kind and accepting of others, no matter how small or different they may be.

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