Once upon a time in a far away land, there was a small kingdom called Underscale. The kingdom was ruled by a wise and good king and his beautiful queen. The people of the kingdom were happy and content with the state of their kingdom and life.

One day, the king heard a strange voice coming from the forest and he decided to go and investigate. As he ventured deeper into the woods, he stumbled upon an old man sitting by a tree, who introduced himself as Underscale. Underscale told the king that he was a magical being who had been watching over and protecting the kingdom for many years.

The king, who was delighted to meet Underscale, asked him what he could do to help the kingdom. Underscale replied that the king should always remember to stay true to his word and never let anyone take advantage of him.

The king thanked Underscale for his wise advice and went back to his kingdom to tell his people what he had learned. The people of the kingdom were very happy to hear the king’s wise words, and as a result, everyone in the kingdom began to be more honest, kind and respectful to one another.

The kingdom of Underscale flourished and everyone in the kingdom was happy and content with their lives once again.

Moral: It is important to keep your word and be honest and respectful to others, for it will not only benefit oneself, but everyone around them.

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