Once upon a time, in a small village located in the countryside, there lived a little boy named Steven. He was the only child of a humble family living in a small hut.

Steven was very innocent and his childhood was spent in the carefree nature of the village, spending most of his time playing with his friends and enjoying the wonderful outdoors. He was usually quite conscious of his own actions and their consequences, and he was always trying to act in the best manner.

One day, Steven’s parents asked him to go to the nearby market and buy some groceries. His parents were busy working, and Steven was excited for this new opportunity and responsibility. They gave him a few coins and warned him to be careful and not to spend the money on any silly things.

Steven promised his parents that he would not squander the money and he set off on his journey. As he was walking in the market, he came across a sweet shop that sold all sorts of colourful and tasty looking candies. He gazed at them with awe and longed to buy some of those delicious treats.

But he fought off the temptation and made his way to the grocery store where he just barely managed to buy the groceries with the money his parents gave him. But on his way back, the same shop again caught his eye and this time he was too tempted to resist. He quickly bought a few candies and hid them in his pocket.

Steven’s conscience was whispering that he had done something wrong, but he brushed it off and went on his way. When he arrived home, his parents were pleased to see the groceries but something was off. They asked him about what he had bought and he nervously lied about not buying anything else.

His parents knew something was amiss and soon found the candies in his pocket. They scolded him for his behaviour and asked him to return the sweets to the shopkeeper. After a tearful apology, Steven went back to the shop where the shopkeeper reprimanded him but eventually pardoned him.

Steven learned an important lesson that day. He realized how wrong it was to do something without being conscious or aware of the consequences. He vowed to never do anything like that ever again.

Moral: Always act consciously and be aware of the consequences of your actions.

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