Once upon a time in a small village on the outskirts of the city, there lived a little girl named Unaromatized. She was full of life and joy, but one thing about her stood out – she had a rather peculiar taste for food.

Unaromatized had a unique appetite for unaromatized food. Whether it was fruits, vegetables, meats, or any other kind of food, Unaromatized wanted it to be unaromatized. She would not eat anything with the slightest hint of a flavour, and no matter how delicious the food was, if it had the slightest scent of garlic, for instance, she would throw it away.

This made life pretty difficult for Unaromatized. All her friends and family made fun of her, describing her peculiar eating habits as “weird” and “strange”. Even the local grocer, who usually had an extensive selection of various kinds of food, would give Unaromatized a strange look, and bring out only the unaromatized food.

Unaromatized felt very lonely, and it didn’t help that there was no one else she knew with the same peculiar taste for food.

One day, Unaromatized heard about a food festival taking place in a nearby village. She decided to go and check it out. When she arrived, she was surprised to see that all of the food was unaromatized! Finally, she thought, I can fit in and enjoy some real, delicious food!

But as Unaromatized filled her plate with food, she noticed that it wasn’t as flavourful as she had hoped. All of the food was unaromatized, which meant that it lacked the variety of flavours and aromas that she had been craving.

Unaromatized was upset and disappointed. She felt like she had been robbed of the opportunity to truly enjoy food. She started to think that maybe, just maybe, being unaromatized wasn’t so bad after all.

The moral of the story is that sometimes it’s ok to be different and unique. Although it can be difficult to fit in, it’s important to remember that being yourself is something to be celebrated and not ashamed of. No matter what anyone else says, it’s important to remember that everyone’s individual tastes and preferences make them special.

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