Once upon a time, deep in the forest, there was a great mountain. At the very peak of the mountain was the Castle of Unamortized. It was the home of the King of Unamortized, the most powerful ruler in the land.

The King of Unamortized was a wise and kind ruler and it was said that he could bring peace to any kingdom. Every day, he would look out from the highest tower of the castle and see the majestic beauty of the world beneath him.

One day, a group of travelers from a far away kingdom came to the castle seeking assistance from the King. The travelers were in dire need of money and the King told them he could help. He proposed an innovative solution to their problem. He told the travelers that he would loan them the money to meet their needs, but it would not be amortized.

The travelers were not sure what he meant by “unamortized”. The King explained that it meant that the travelers would be able to borrow the money without having to make regular payments. Instead, they would pay only the interest on the loan, which would be due at the end.

The travelers were hesitant but the King assured them that this was the best way to get what they needed without having to worry about regular payments. Knowing that this was a good deal, the travelers accepted and the King loaned them the money they needed.

The travelers used the money to improve their kingdom and they were very happy with their decision. Time passed and eventually it was time to pay the King back. The travelers had only been able to pay the interest on the loan, but the King knew that times were hard for them and he agreed to forgive the loan. He told the travelers that they did not have to make the full payment, and that he was happy to help them in their time of need.

The travelers were amazed and thanked the King profusely for his kindness. As they left the castle, they spread the story of the King of Unamortized’s generosity throughout the kingdom, and it became known as one of the greatest acts of kindness ever seen.

Moral: Money should never be a hindrance to helping those in need. Always be generous and kind, and you will be rewarded.

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