Once upon a time, there lived an unaccursed family in a small village. They were blessed with the fortune of being born in a peaceful community that was far removed from the violence and war that had ravaged the land in other parts of the kingdom.

The family lived a comfortable life, but they were still faced with their own share of hardships. Every year, they were required to pay heavy taxes to the King, and they often struggled to make ends meet.

One day, the family received news that the King was planning a pilgrimage to their village. He planned to levy yet another tax, one that would surely put the family in jeopardy.

The family was devastated by this news. With nowhere else to turn, they decided to turn to the powers of the old gods. They organized a special ceremony to seek guidance.

The gods heard the family’s plea and sent them an unaccursed creature from another realm. The creature was a beautiful, white unicorn that had the power to look into the future and could bring luck and fortune to those it touched.

The family was so enchanted by the creature that they decided to keep it as a pet. They named it Snowy and soon became fond of it. Snowy brought a lot of joy to the family. It also brought great luck, as the family started to experience better fortunes and fewer hardships.

The King took note of the family’s newfound luck, and he became increasingly suspicious. He wanted to find out the source of their good luck and sought to take away the unicorn.

The family was devastated by the King’s plan. They knew he wanted to take away the source of their luck and thus would take away their newfound fortune.

The family asked the gods for help again, and this time they were sent a mighty warrior. He had come to protect the family and their beloved unicorn from the evil King. The warrior fought off the King’s soldiers, and soon the King was driven away.

The family was forever grateful to the warrior’s brave deeds and the gods for sending him. They kept the unicorn and continued to experience the good fortune the creature had brought them.

The moral of the story is that no matter how impossible a situation may seem, never give up hope. Even in the darkest moments, help can come in the form of something unexpected, and one should always have faith. Whenever the odds are stacked against you, trust in the power of hope and the might of the gods.

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