Once upon a time there was a little boy named Turpentinic. Turpentinic was a strange boy, for every day he would wear a pair of overalls and a pair of goggles and carry a large red can of turpentine. Turpentinic had a passion for inventing and tinkering, he would spend all day at home in his secret laboratory, surrounded by the strange and curious instruments of his own imagination.

Turpentinic’s parents were worried about him, especially since he was often thought to be odd by other children. They tried to get him to participate in more typical activities like playing sports, but Turpentinic just wasn’t interested.

One day, after Turpentinic had been in his laboratory all day, his parents decided to take him to the local library.

At the library they noticed Turpentinic was unusually excited, he had found a book on the history of engineering and invention. He was so fascinated by the book that he almost forgot to leave the library that day.

On their way home, Turpentinic’s father stopped at the nearby park. He noticed Turpentinic had a gleam in his eye as he looked at the children playing together. Turpentininc’s father decided he would do something special for his son, so he sat down with him and asked him what kind of invention he would like to make.

Turpentinic thought for a while and said he wanted to make a miniature wooden train. He said he wanted to make it out of pieces of wood he found in his father’s backyard.

The next day, Turpentinic and his father got to work, gathering the necessary materials and working all day on the miniature wooden train. By the end of the day, they had managed to construct a beautiful wooden train with an engine, a caboose, and several wagons.

Turpentinic’s father had also added some special features, like levers for controlling the speed of the train, tracks for the train to follow, and a bell for signaling when the train had arrived at a station.

Turpentinic was ecstatic, he had managed to build his own miniature wooden train. He showed it off to everyone at the park and the kids were amazed how well it worked.

For the first time, Turpentinic was accepted as a regular kid and was no longer an outsider.

The moral of this story is that even if you are seen as an outsider, if you have a strong passion, never be afraid to go after it. Everyone has their own talents and gifts, and if it makes you happy you should never be afraid to pursue it.

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