Once upon a time, in a distant kingdom, there lived two young lords named Mario and Katerina. They were childhood friends who grew up together, and they enjoyed spending time with each other. One day, they found themselves in the same room, looking into each other’s eyes. Their attraction was undeniable, and they fell deeply in love with each other.

Mario and Katerina were truly in love and wanted to be together, but the rules of their kingdom, and the moral and social expectations did not allow for such an arrangement. So, in order to prove their love for each other, they made a trothplight. They promised that no matter what, they would remain faithful to each other and never give up their love.

In the days that followed, the two lovers were blissfully happy. They would go for long walks in the countryside and sneak away for private moments in the woods. Mario and Katerina wrote love letters to each other and exchanged them secretly. They felt invincible and their love was unbreakable.

However, one day, Mario was out hunting with his father and while they were riding off, he saw Katerina walking down the street. She was arm-in-arm with another man. Mario’s heart sank. How could this be? He had made a trothplight with Katerina, and yet here she was, with another man.

Mario was so overcome with hurt and betrayed that he ran away, not wanting to face Katerina or the man she was with. In his haste, he stumbled and fell down a steep hill. It was there that Mario lay, injured and heartbroken, until a stranger stumbled upon him. This stranger was a wise old man, who suspected something was terribly wrong. He told Mario that he must return to Katerina and find out what happened.

So, Mario ventured back home, with a heavy heart. When he reached Katerina’s home, he found her sitting in her room, looking desolate and upset. Mario gathered all his courage, and asked Katerina who the man he saw her with was. Katerina, ashamed and embarrassed, revealed to Mario that the man he saw her with was her brother.

Mario sighed in relief and his heart filled with joy. Katerina had remained true to her promise and never betraced their trothplight. Mario and Katerina were reunited and their love grew even stronger.

The moral of the story is that true love and loyalty are worth fighting for. When things get tough, never give up on your promises and never give up on love.

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