Once upon a time, there lived a little girl named Trigonia. She was the youngest of three sisters and the most mischievous one in the family. She was always running off and playing in the woods, swimming in the lake, and climbing trees. Her parents, despite their best efforts, always struggled to keep up with her.

One day, her parents decided to take the girls on a camping trip near a lake. Trigonia was so excited to explore the great outdoors and all the wondrous sights it had to offer. But when they reached the lake, Trigonia’s parents told her not to go too far away from the campsite.

Ignoring the warnings, she went off alone to explore the lake. She swam and splashed around until she came to a part of the lake that was much deeper than the rest. She decided to dive in and explore the bottom of the lake.

But when she reached the bottom, she was startled to find a mermaid. The mermaid had long, golden hair and a shiny tail that sparkled like diamonds. The mermaid warned Trigonia to be careful and not to go too deep into the lake.

Ignoring the warning, Trigonia ventured further into the lake and soon she couldn’t see the shore anymore. She had gone too deep.

Suddenly, the mermaid appeared again and began to swim circles around Trigonia. The mermaid explained that she had been watching Trigonia for a while and that she had warned her not to go too deep in the lake. The mermaid said that if Trigonia had listened to her warnings, she wouldn’t be in this situation.

The mermaid then told Trigonia that if she was brave enough, she could swim to safety and make it back to shore. Trigonia didn’t know if she was brave enough, but with the help of the mermaid’s guidance, she managed to swim back to shore.

When Trigonia made it back to land, she knew that she had learned an important lesson. She realized that she shouldn’t ignore warnings, no matter how much she wanted something.

The moral of the story is that it is important to obey warnings and instructions. It is also important to be brave and face our fears, especially when it counts.

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