Once upon a time lived in a small town a brave and noble kid, by the name of Tragulina. She was very generous with her friends, always willing to help and play with them, and she had a great many friends.

Tragulina was brave, and her courage was demonstrated many times by her quick-thinking action in dicey situations. One such situation occurred when her village was attacked by a band of robbers. As the robbers were about to make off with the village’s supplies, Tragulina quickly diverted their attention by using her beloved slingshot to shoot a rock at the robbers, stunning them. This gave the villagers enough time to escape and the robbers were eventually arrested.

Everyone in the village praised Tragulina’s bravery, but one of her friends, Anastasia, was jealous of all the attention Tragulina was getting and wanted it for herself. Anastasia began to spread lies and rumors about Tragulina, trying to make it seem like Tragulina was a bad person who only cared about herself, rather than the people she helped.

One day, Tragulina began to feel sad and discouraged by all the lies that Anastasia had spread around the village. Not wanting to show her sadness in front of the other villagers, she decided to go for a walk in the nearby forest.

On her walk, Tragulina came across an old, gnarled tree with an unusual-looking bird perched on one of its branches. The bird seemed to be looking directly at her, so Tragulina decided to sit and stay for a while, staring back into its eyes. As she did this, the bird began to sing a beautiful melody which filled her with peace and understanding.

The bird’s song taught Tragulina an important moral lesson: that true happiness comes from within and should not be sought in the opinion of others. She realized that what Anastasia said and did wasn’t worth getting upset over.

The bird flew away as soon as it finished its song, leaving Tragulina with a new sense of self-confidence and understanding. She knew now that regardless of what others said or did, she had the strength and courage to stay true to herself and her beliefs.

The moral of this story is that true happiness can only be found within. Listen to your inner voice and have the courage to stay true to yourself, regardless of what others may say or do.

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