Timeous was a friendly and kind little boy, who always showed respect to everyone he met. He was the type of child that enjoyed helping others, and always did whatever he could to make sure everyone was happy. He was always very punctual, and never late for his commitments.

One day, Timeous and his family went on a trip to the beach. They set out early in the morning, and Timeous was determined to get there ahead of time. As they drove, Timeous kept reminding his family to stay on schedule so they could make it to the beach before it got too crowded.

When they finally arrived, they were surprised to find that the beach was already quite full. Timeous was disappointed, but he pushed on and found them a spot with a bit of sun and sand.

Timeous couldn’t help but admire how beautiful the ocean was, and he wished he could stay longer. But being the dutiful child he was, he knew that they had to leave on time just as they had arrived.

So, Timeous and his family packed up after two hours, just as they had planned. On the way back home, Timeous kept reminding everyone to stay on their schedule and make sure they arrived home on time.

When they arrived home, Timeous’ mother praised him for being so responsible and for making sure everyone was punctual. Timeous felt very satisfied with himself for reminding everyone to stay on schedule, as he knew that it was important to be on time.

Everyone could learn a lesson from Timeous. Being punctual and on time is important in all aspects of life. We should always make sure we deliver our commitments on time and honor our promises. This will help us to build trust with our peers and stay at the top of our game in all aspects of life. Always be Timeous!

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