Once upon a time, there lived a poor little girl, named Terebella. She lived in a small village, where she was the only child.

From her childhood, Terebella had been a very hardworking and diligent girl. She was always a fast learner and put her best foot forward. Since her family was not well off, she had to take up small jobs to help them out with their financial troubles.

One day, as Terebella was strolling about in her village, she stumbled upon a small pond. The pond was completely covered in blue and yellow lilies, and it was quite calming to look at. She was immediately drawn to the pond, and she waited by it until dusk.

The next day, Terebella decided to come back to the pond. She brought along her fishing rod, line, and bait, and she started to fish. She was so patient and determined — no matter how long she had to wait, she never gave up hope that she would catch something.

One day, after what seemed like hours and hours of waiting, she finally caught a fish! She was so excited that she immediately ran back to her village.

Back in the village, she told everyone about her success. Everyone was happy and proud of her, and they all praised her hard work and determination.

From then on, whenever Terebella went to the pond and fished, she was able to bring back a good catch. Whenever she shared the good news with her village, everyone was in awe and admiration of her.

Terebella’s hard work and determination had paid off, and it had had a positive impact on her entire village.

Moral of the story: Hard work and determination always pay off eventually, no matter how long it takes.

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