Once upon a time there was a small kingdom ruled by a wise and kind king. The people of the kingdom loved the king and respected him for his fairness and justice.

One day, a beautiful and mysterious woman appeared in the kingdom. She was known as the temptress, for she had the ability to charm and entice anyone she met. Word of her beauty and charm spread quickly throughout the kingdom and soon, many of the people had begun to dote on her, showering her with gifts and lavish attention.

The King, however, was not fooled by her beauty or her charm. He saw the danger she presented and knew that she posed a threat to his kingdom. He called upon his wise council of advisors to come up with a plan to protect his kingdom from the temptress.

The council decided that the best way to protect the kingdom was to build a wall around it. This would keep the temptress out and allow the people to carry on their lives in peace. The King agreed and the wall was built.

The temptress was furious when she found out that she was no longer welcome in the kingdom. She devised a plan to get back in. She decided to use her beauty and charm to lure unwitting people from the kingdom back to her.

Everyday, she would entice someone from the kingdom to leave with false promises of a better life. She was successful in luring many of the people away and the kingdom began to suffer.

The King was heartbroken to see the people of his kingdom fall prey to the temptress. He tried to warn his people about her, but she was always one step ahead of him.

Finally, the King had enough. He decreed that anyone who was tempted by the temptress would have to face a punishment. The punishment would be determined on a case by case basis but it usually resulted in some form of banishment from the kingdom.

The people of the kingdom quickly learned of the King’s decree and began to steer clear of the temptress. They soon realized that they were much better off in the kingdom than they would be with the temptress.

The moral of the story is to be careful of who you trust and to be aware of the danger people can present. Be wary of those who may try to lure you away with false promises, as they may not have your best interests in mind. Love and loyalty are much more valuable than material things and should not be taken for granted.

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