Once upon a time, in a small village lived a 9 years old boy who was known for his temperamental behavior. He had a fiery temper and often his anger would get the better of him. Whenever he did not have his way, he would lose his temper and throw tantrums. Even the adults of the village were scared of his outbursts.

One day the boy was out playing with his friends in the nearby grasslands. The boys were having a great time until one of them stepped on the boy’s foot. Without thinking twice, the boy got angry and flew into a rage. Uncontrollable, he started hitting the other boy and threw him to the ground.

The other boy started crying and when the other children saw this, they ran away. The boy was all alone, and the realization soon dawned upon him that he was wrong. He slowly got up, brushed the dirt off his clothes, and started walking back to the village.

As he walked, he thought about his temper. He knew that he had to find a way to control it. But he was clueless as to how. He decided to ask the elders of the village for help.

The next day, the boy went to the village elder’s house. After explaining the problem, the elder looked at him with a kind smile and said, “My son, the only way you can control your anger is by understanding why it is happening. If you can understand what makes you angry, you can take steps to control it.”

The boy thanked the elder and went home. He thought long and hard about what triggers his anger and after some time, he finally figured it out. He realized that all his outbursts were not caused due to other people but because of his own insecurity. His anger was a product of his own fear and insecurity.

With this realization, the boy set out to explore ways to overcome his fear and insecurities. He started reading beautiful books, took up new hobbies, and started taking walks in nature. He also made some new friends and tried to engage in conversations with them.

Slowly but steadily, the boy learnt to have patience and let go of his temper. He understood that it takes a lot of effort to control oneself but it is a noble thing to do.

Moral: Epress your emotions but never let them take control over you.

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