Once upon a time there lived a small teakettle named Tinky. She lived in a cozy kitchen in a small cottage with her family. Her best friend was a small piece of coal that she would talk to and play with.

Every day Tinky would watch her family as they boiled water and cooked wonderful meals with the help of her boiling hot water. She loved to watch the steam slowly rise from the spout on her back and curl up into the air. She felt so important and loved.

One day, Tinky’s family decided to move house so they picked Tinky up and began packing the rest of their belongings. As the family packed their things, Tinky wasn’t sure what to make of the new place. She felt scared, but she was excited to start a new adventure.

When they arrived at their new home, everything was unfamiliar to Tinky. She felt lost and confused but also curious to explore her new home.

Every morning, Tinky would wake up to a bright kitchen and the sound of her family. She felt happy to be a part of a new home but was also a bit scared and lonely without her best friend, the piece of coal.

One day, Tinky was watching her family as they made breakfast when suddenly she heard a familiar sound. It was the tapping of little feet running on the kitchen floor. When Tinky peered around the corner, she saw a small mouse running around the kitchen.

Tinky was nervous at first, but soon the little mouse and Tinky became friends. They would go exploring around the house and play together throughout the day. Tinky was so happy to have a friend to share all her adventures with.

One night, Tinky and her mouse friend heard a loud noise coming from the kitchen. When they looked, they saw a large rat had entered the kitchen and was rummaging through the cupboards.

The rat was not happy to see Tinky and her friend and started hissing. Tinky was scared and unsure of what to do but her friend had a plan. He suggested that they use Tinky’s steam to scare away the rat.

Tinky was scared but she knew she had to do something. She bravely steamed up and shot out hot jets of steam at the rat. The rat was so scared he ran away, leaving Tinky and her friend unharmed.

After that night, Tinky was no longer scared or lonely. She now knew that she could rely on her courage and her friends when she was in a tough situation.

The moral of this story is that courage and friendship can help us overcome our fears and make us capable of doing anything we set our minds to.

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