Once upon a time, there was a brave little princess named Tawite. She lived with her parents and siblings in a wonderful kingdom far away. Tawite was always cheerful, brave and kind-hearted.

One day, her parents decided to go on a long journey and asked Tawite to look after her siblings and the kingdom. Tawite agreed without any hesitation and bravely accepted the challenge. Little did she know what was ahead of her.

The first few weeks passed by peacefully and happily. Tawite took good care of her siblings and made sure that the kingdom was running smoothly. However, things started to take a turn for the worse when a dragon appeared in the kingdom. The dragon was angry and started to wreak havoc on the kingdom and its citizens. Tawite felt scared but she was determined to defend her kingdom against the dragon. She bravely confronted the dragon and stood her ground.

The dragon was taken aback by Tawite’s courage and respect. He asked her why she was so brave and determined. Tawite replied with a smile, “I’m brave because I know that I can protect my people, my family, and my kingdom.”

The dragon was moved by Tawite’s courage and decided to spare the kingdom. He also gave her a magical sword and said, “This is your reward for being so brave and fearless. I hope that this sword will help you protect your kingdom for many years to come.”

Tawite thanked the dragon and promised to use the sword to keep her people safe. After the dragon left, Tawite was hailed as the hero of the kingdom. She kept her promise and never stopped protecting her kingdom and its people.

Moral of the story: True courage comes from within. Only when we have faith and confidence in ourselves can we take on even the most daunting tasks and succeed.

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