Once upon a time, there lived a village called Tampang. It was a small village located in the middle of a vast, green plain.

The villagers of Tampang were very hardworking and enjoyed their days filled with farm work. Every morning, the men, women, and children all went out to the fields to harvest the crops and take care of the animals. They worked all day long, only returning to the village at night.

One day, the people of Tampang were in for a surprise. A strange man carrying a large bag had arrived in their village. He was dressed in a fine robe and had a strange, foreign accent. He told the people of Tampang that he had come to bring them a great gift.

The stranger opened his bag, and what he brought stunned the entire village. He had brought with him a magical stone called the Tampang. The Tampang was said to grant any wish to anyone who held it in their hands.

The people of Tampang were very excited by this news and could not wait to get their hands on the stone. But the stranger warned them that if the stone was misused, they would face dire consequences. He told them that they must only use the stone for good and never wish for anything selfish or malicious.

The villagers agreed to the man’s conditions, and soon enough, each one of them was holding the Tampang in their hands. They all made their wishes and then wished for the same thing: for peace and prosperity to come to their village.

The next day, the people of Tampang awoke to find their village peaceful and prosperous. They were so happy that the Tampang had granted their wishes. The villagers thanked the stranger for bringing them such an amazing gift and for warning them of its power.

The moral of the story is that our actions have consequences, and we must always use our power for good and not for evil. The Tampang is a reminder of the power of goodwill and how it can bring peace and prosperity to us all.

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